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Welcome to Calwest Services, your go-to team for all your tree service needs here in beautiful San Luis Obispo! We're here to serve not only Paso Robles but also all the fantastic surrounding cities in the North County of San Luis Obispo. With us, you can expect an exceptional experience that is both easy-going and affordable, delivering nothing short of outstanding 5-Star clean service. Let us take care of your trees with a touch of expertise and a sprinkle of fun!

Very Competitive Pricing

With our hard-working and speedy work ethic, we take pride in tackling tasks swiftly while going above and beyond to ensure the job is done right and with sparkling cleanliness. And the best part? We offer competitive prices that won't break the bank! So let us work our magic, delivering fast, efficient, and top-notch tree service with a big smile and a commitment to excellence. You'll be amazed at how we make the process a breeze while keeping your wallet happy!

Experienced Professionals

Since 2010, we've been on a mission to be the ultimate tree service company in the Central Valley, and we've made quite a name for ourselves here in SLO! We're not just your average tree service – oh no! We've set our sights on delivering a service that's a cut above the rest. When it comes to property owners, we're all about being quick, responsive, and taking cleanliness to a whole new level. We believe in going the extra mile to make your experience truly exceptional.

Tree Services That We Provide...

Tree Trimming

Ah, tree trimming, tree pruning – call it what you will, we've got it covered! We're all about doing the job right, no matter how you like to refer to it. When those calls for tree trimming come rolling in, it's usually for one of three fabulous reasons: appearance, safety, or health. Whether you want your trees to look snazzy, ensure everyone's well-being, or keep those leafy friends in tip-top shape, we've got the skills and know-how to make it happen.

Tree Removal

Whoa, San Luis Obispo, we know you're no stranger to the wild weather swings! And with those weather challenges, we understand that tree removal becomes a popular request. Trees may bid us farewell or catch a pesky disease, calling for their removal. But fear not, because we're here to make it happen with a sprinkle of speed, a dash of safety, and, most importantly, a whole lot of cleanliness! We'll whisk away those trees in a jiffy, leaving your space spick and span. So wave goodbye to those fallen trees and welcome a fresh start, where fast, safe, and squeaky-clean tree removal is our specialty.

Emergency Tree Service

Buckle up, because when treacherous weather strikes, our 24-hour emergency tree services swoop in like superheroes! We know all too well that the Central Coast can throw some wild weather our way, wreaking havoc on trees. But fear not, for we've assembled a team of certified arborists ready to leap into action. Whether it's cutting, trimming, or removing fallen branches or downed trees, we're here to save the day and help you dodge those rainy and windy disasters. With us by your side, you can relax knowing that swift and effective assistance is just a call away.

Tree Stump Removal

Ready to give your lawn a dazzling makeover? Let's talk stump removal and grinding – it's the secret ingredient you've been looking for! Say your goodbyes to that ancient, lifeless tree, because we're here to handle the heavy lifting. Whether it's big or small, twisted or tall, we've got the perfect arsenal of tools and equipment to grind that stubborn stump down to ground level or give it a root-to-tip eviction. Don't put it off any longer – take a leap towards a yard that's brighter, healthier, and brimming with charm

What Makes Us Different From Other San Luis Onispo Tree Services?

Welcome to Calwest Tree Service, your licensed and insured tree experts in the vibrant city of San Luis Obispo! We take pride in offering you fast, clean, and oh-so-friendly service, all at competitive prices that will make you smile. Our journey began back in June of 2010 when we set out as a local business in the Central Valley, and boy, have we come a long way! With our San Luis Obispo location, we’ve crafted a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional service at outstanding prices. Whether you need a tree trimmed, pruned, managed, or completely removed by a licensed professional, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our super-friendly crew today by phone or email, and let’s get the conversation started. We’ll provide you with a free estimate that will leave you feeling confident and excited about your tree-tastic journey with us.

Here Are The Steps When You Contact Us…

Step #1

Let the adventure begin! Give us a jingle or fill out our fancy email form right here on this page. Our marvelous team is ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the tree-tastic journey. Together, we'll set a day and time to embark on the grand expedition of checking out your magnificent tree(s)!

Step #2

Brace yourself for tree inspection awesomeness! We'll venture to your tree in need, equipped with our expertise and a keen eye. We'll evaluate the cost of the mission and craft a 100% no-obligation quote that will make your heart skip a beat. Prepare to be amazed by our transparent and affordable pricing, tailored just for you!

Step #3

It's decision time, dear friend! If our quote has you jumping with joy and ready for action, let's seal the deal. Together, we'll choose a day and time to dive headfirst into the tree work. With our lightning-fast skills, safety as our shield, and cleanliness as our mantra, we'll tackle the task with precision and finesse. Get ready for a job well done that will leave your surroundings looking spick and span!

See what our customers are saying about our tree service in San Luis Obispo County…

Dora Alvarado
Dora Alvarado
Service was reasonable and the team was on time. Courteous and left everything clean.. highly would recommend and would use their services again.
Elizabeth Bates
Elizabeth Bates
Eduardo Robles and his crew were great! Delivered as promised and they were quick, nice clean up job and the trees were beautiful! Very Satisfied!
Meghan Wertman
Meghan Wertman
Company did a great job at removing some dead & dying trees and trimming up the rest. Pricing was very reasonable and they were able to get me on the schedule that same week.
Karen Mathieson
Karen Mathieson
These guys were awesome! Quick to respond! Called them on a Saturday, personal quote that day. Tree gone by Tuesday! Look no further ! Call Eduardo!
These guys stay busy all day and are hard workers. They do a great job making the trees look excellent. I had a great experience with them.
Greg Porter
Greg Porter
Pruning very tall trees is a dangerous business that requires the right equipment, the right safety gear and a hard working experienced crew focused on getting the job done safely and on time. Eduardo’s equipment and crew accomplished all that on all of my 70’ + tall eucalyptus trees in one day. Great job. Very satisfied customer.
Jesus R. Cruz
Jesus R. Cruz
The team are experts at tree removing and clean-up. They cut down down two very large pine trees in our backyard expertly and efficiently. They were super careful with the whole process and nothing in our backyard was impacted. They also trimmed our California pepper tree and our almond tree and they look great! We highly recommend Cal West and will definitely use them again!
Annette Parry
Annette Parry
I live on 10 acres between Nacimiento and San Antonio. My land has hundreds of oak trees and one giant eucalyptus. I have used this tree setvice twice and both times I was very impressed. Their work is excellent, timely and affordable. They leave branches cut up and stacked nicely. We always ask for the branches that have chipped to be left for future mulching. They have even stopped by and left wood chips from another job for us. My trees look great and the smell of freshly cut trees is wonderful to come home to. I would highly recommend Eduardo and his crew.
Anne Flores
Anne Flores
They quickly returned my call and came out within a few hours to give me an estimate. They had a fair price and were able to start the project immediately. They arrived at the exact time they stated and were efficient, qualified and performed the work as stated in the initial consult. I was very satisfied with the work. They trimmed, mulched and hauled off the debris. I will definitely use their service again!
Erin Schimke
Erin Schimke
Excellent work! A professional and hard working crew! They got the job done! Thank you.

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