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A highly-praised and highly-rated tree service company in Paso Robles offers tree trimming in San Luis Obispo County.

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We Trim Palm Trees

Our team is experienced in the art of tree trimming, which some might call pruning. Regardless of what you refer to it as though, we always guarantee a proper job done well! Most people contact us for one our three main services: Appearance-related requests; those that are needed for safety reasons or perhaps just because the tress health. For us, it simply does not matter the type of tree. We simply provide the cleanest and highest level of tree trimming in San Luis Obispo.

We Trim Oak Trees

At CalWest, we take great care in providing tree trimming services for all types of trees and one of the most common type to grace our area and neighborhoods is the oak tree. We understand how beautiful a lush and healthy oak tree can be, and that's why our team performs detailed tree inspections before undertaking any trimming. Our professional arborists utilize precise pruning techniques to ensure a safe environment for your property due to its structural integrity. In addition, we'll make sure your oak trees look their best with the proper shaping which will enhance its natural beauty making it appear more appealing yet still looking natural in the process.

Equipment To Trim The Tallest Trees

At CalWest, we provide professional tree trimming services to help maintain the unique beauty of your trees. Our experienced crew have all the necessary safety gear and tools to handle any type of tree pruning project, no matter how tall. We also have extensive training to ensure that our clients’ trees remain in top condition year-round. You can rest assured that our team will deliver quality results with each and every tree trimming job they do here in San Luis Obispo. We look forward to helping you keep your trees healthy and looking their best!

Trimming Trees All Over The Central Coast

At CalWest Tree Trimming, we provide the highest-quality tree trimming services available in San Luis Obispo county. Our team of professionals has the know-how and experience to safely and efficiently trim up any tree. From Paso Robles all the way to the coastline, our services are available throughout the county and beyond - from Avila Beach through Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria, and the rest of North County. If you need help maintaining your trees, trust CalWest Tree Trimming for all your tree needs!

Here Are The Steps When You Contact Us…

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Give us a call or fill out our email from on this page. Our team will will be happy to answer any questions you have. Set up a day and time to go check out your tree(s)

Step #2

We will check out the tree that needs to be trimmed, pruned, or removed. We will evaluate the cost of getting the work down and give you 100% no-obligation quote for the work.

Step #3

If you like our transparent & affordable quote and would like us to proceed, we will schedule a day and time to get the tree work down for you. We work quickly, and safely and do a clean job.

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We are a professional tree service company providing tree trimming, pruning, and removal in Paso Robles, CA. We pride ourselves with 5-Star service with clean, safe, and affordable service.

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